Why Choose Health

Unless you are planning on spending your later years (or sooner years, for that mater!) in the local nursing home, you need to take your health seriously now.

Being an A Type personality myself, I could never even consider ever living in a nursing home, much less be faced with new limitations. I haven’t the patience to deal with having to slow down, or having to hire work done that I can do by myself. However sadly, I do know of people who actually are looking forward to their “leisure years” in a nursing home.

Choosing health means taking an active interest in making sure you improve or maintain your health, starting now. Simple things like reducing your consumption of processed sugar can be a great start. You can use honey as your new sweetener … except honey is NOT safe for children under 12 months of age.

Even if you are now forced to live with new limitations, you can still choose health by getting involved with and learning to investigate ways that you can improve your health. There are stories out there of diabetics who have been CURED in only months, due simply to a change in their eating habits.