Hey folks, I’m Trish and I have been watching my health close up photo of Trish's faceissues much closer as the years go by.

Over the past few years now, I have learned the importance of proper supplements and why I should be taking certain ones. I feel confident with my new found diet and list of “must have” supplements which I’m certain help to provide me with continued good health.

The reason I created this website is to be able to help others like yourself keep or restore their good health. To do this, I will be sharing my personal experiences with you and what I have discovered over the years through my own “trial and errors” when experimenting.

I would also hope that you will feel free to speak up about any of the content that I share here that grabs your attention within this website. I enjoy talking about health issues and the importance of good health, so if you have ANYTHING interesting that you would like to share … or … any opinion of any of the content that I have created on my site here, please do say something as I enjoy receiving feedback.

Sharing my journey in choosing health…

For me, good health is very important. Though granted, being over weight is not exactly healthy, you need to feel good first and foremost. Thankfully, I have never been more than 20 pounds overweight at any time during my years. That being said, I have friends who tell me that I fret over gaining 5 pounds when they consider themselves lucky that this is all they have gained.

Dieting is not sustainable for me, so I would sooner learn to eat right … and yes, splurge sometimes too. So, going forward, let’s simply choose a better lifestyle that offers better health. Mastering that and … well … weight loss will happen more naturally.

Having had friends who have suffered the consequences of cancer, and other poor health issues, most of which have been blamed partially on aging, I now feel it important to stay ahead of any new discoveries found that may offer me continued good health.

Healthy bodies are more apt to have healthy brains, so why not ensure yourself a lifetime of good health simply by choosing a better lifestyle? That means “bye-bye” to such things as depression, and “hello” to happiness!

Should you ever want any feedback or support regarding good health or even an exercise routine, I would gladly assist you, so let’s connect. Simply leave your comment below and then make sure you visit my site regularly, as I will be updating this site with ideas and information that I learn about that I’m sure that will interest you too.

Wishing you all the best with your new healthier lifestyle and Thank YOU for stopping by!


Founder of Why Choose Health